Alicia Jones


My Problem with Grace

Grace. We sing about it, we name our daughters after it, we read books about it, but the best word we have come up with to describe it is, “amazing”. Don’t get me wrong, God’s grace is, in fact, amazing. So amazing our finite minds can’t seem to comprehend living under it. At least my  ...

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5 Things That Changed My Marriage

My husband, Daniel, and I have been married for four years. I don't know if that disqualifies us as newly weds, but I still have those brand-new love butterflies in my belly when he smiles. Married life has been an incredible blessing but it didn't come with the promise of it being easy.  ...

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Devotional, Inspiration

Learning to Fall Well

Let me begin by saying, I am NOT one of those super adventurous, athletic, thrill-seekers. Fear is my middle name. I am the most anxious, afraid, and uncoordinated person I know. (Bless my heart, right?) So when my adventurous (and handsome) husband asked me to start road cycling with him and  ...

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