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Half-Past Your Resolution

Have you realized that you’re smack dab in the middle of June and you didn’t stick with that Paleo diet, your gym membership has become just another bill and you haven’t read past the book of Genesis?

Let’s face it: your New Year’s resolutions never really had a chance.

We’ve all made them. They fill us with hope, yet too often end in defeat. And, in my case before Valentine’s Day. So, I have to wonder; why do we set ourselves up for certain failure?
Is it the promise of a new year, a fresh start, and a clean slate that pressure us into making promises we just can’t keep?
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I have struggled with my eating habits since I was a young teen. I have wrestled with emotional eating, crash diets, and everything in between. As a Christian, I know my body is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. I also know that food is just fuel – not an answer to my problems. But I wasn’t quite sure how to change my behavior not only to better myself, but also honor God, and make those changes a permanent part of my lifestyle – not just another failed resolution made on a whim.

In the midst of this struggle I began to pray specifically for God to give me self-discipline and self-control. I also dove deep into His Word and started studying the book of Daniel. If you’re not familiar, I’ll give you a quick synopsis:

Daniel was taken captive, deported to a foreign land, and trained to work in the king’s court. While he was undergoing this training, he was given daily provisions from the king himself. However, Daniel was determined not to defile himself by consuming the food or wine given to him by the king. This was either because it was forbidden by Jewish law (such as pork) or because accepting the king’s provisions was a step towards dependence upon him.


So, he refused! Daniel was devoted to the Lord and committed to honoring Him.

Even when it came to his diet.

Wow. Enter conviction. Exit excuses.

God showed me through His Word that we should be honoring him in ALL that we do. Including the things we choose to consume and the way we treat our body. We have the sacred privilege of being made in the image of God. That’s nothing to be taken lightly.

Becoming my healthiest self is not just about losing weight or finally getting into a particular pair of jeans. I know now it is the opportunity to honor God every time I think about what food I choose, every time I pick exercise or rest depending on what my body needs.

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And when we do fail, God’s word tells us that His mercies are new every day. We don’t have to wait until a new year, next month, or even Monday morning. No matter what we have ‘resolved’ to do: whether it be study our bible, take up running, organize our closet, or finally try kale, it’s ok to start right now.

In Christ alone,

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